Snowfall leaves behind icy conditions in Twin Cities metro

If you were out and about on Saturday, you probably ran into some icy conditions.

Winter weather earlier in the week led to slick spots this weekend. Terry Naseth, with Ace Hardware in St. Paul, says shovels, snow blowers, and ice melt are hot commodities right now following Thursday’s snow.

"We’ve started out with a tremendous amount of ice melt material and we’ve sold at least half of it these last couple of days," said Naseth. "So it’s been really good. "

As the snow turns into ice, Naseth is busy showing customers the best products to buy and offering some neighborly advice.

"Getting out there in advance of it is not a bad idea," said Naseth. "It’s cheap insurance by comparison."

Getting out early is part of Bob Herman’s winning formula for clearing his sidewalk.

"I started this morning by salting," he said. "Heavily salting the sidewalks and everything else around this, let it go to work. Let the chemicals be your best friend."

Herman says he’s only spent an hour and a half clearing his sidewalk thanks to salt, an ice pick, a shovel, and some patience. "It’s getting it done. Getting it done now versus later before somebody slips."