Sinkhole on I-694 in Oakdale, Minnesota after water main break

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      Even for a Sunday morning, Interstate 694 through Oakdale was unusually quiet after a large water main break caused a giant sink hole beneath the roadway around 9:30 a.m.

According to the Washington County sheriff's office, this will cause water issues for Oakdale residents, as well as road closures in both directions between 10th Street and 34th Street.

Minnesota State Patrol reports that 15th Street and 694/15th Street North will likely be closed through the day Monday, with detour routes on 10th Street and County Road 14. Representatives from the Department of Transportation are urging commuters who must drive through the area to plan their routes in advance for both morning and evening rush hours.

Officials say they are still unsure of the cause of the water main break and that, in the meantime, residents are advised to conserve water.