Signs at University of Minnesota spur mixed reactions

Residents at of a student co-op at the University of Minnesota say signs they've been placing in their front yard about rape culture are drawing concern from fraternity members and gratitude from sexual assault survivors.

The signs carry phrases such as "frat boys: stop raping people," the Minnesota Daily reported.

The Interfraternity Council contacted the university's Student Unions and Activities department in February. Interfraternity Council President Simon Beck said in an email that he had received numerous concerns from fraternity members that "focused on the overgeneralizing and accusatory nature" of the signs.

The department set up a meeting between co-op and fraternity leaders but found the signs didn't violate university policy.

"It's making them uncomfortable, which is a step in the right direction," said Addy Alms, co-op resident. "We wanted to physically disrupt the wall of frats."

Beck said he and other student group leaders discussed ways to end sexual violence on campus at the meeting.

"The IFC and the Student Co-op Club share the same goal," he said in the email.

Co-op residents say multiple passers-by have come to the door to express enthusiasm for the signs.

"We have a lot of folks that walk by and talk to us. A lot of women especially are happy to see the signs," Haleigh Ziebol said. "We've gotten comments on Facebook about how people are so happy to see the signs."

Ziebol said co-op and fraternity leaders plan to meet again, and co-op residents are drafting demands they want the fraternities to meet before they will take down the signs.