Rescue squad uses GPS signal to track missing woman in Voyageurs National Park

Rescue crews caught a break Saturday when a cell phone signal led them to a missing woman at Voyageurs National Park.

According to the St Louis County Rescue Squad, the woman was reported missing out of the Kettle Falls area, deep in the woods, where it's rare for a cell phone to get a signal.

The rescue squad says the GPS provided a pinpoint location for the woman who was rescued successfully. Her condition is not known.

In a Facebook post, the rescue squad writes, "Kudos, props, and many thanks to Voyageurs National Park staff, Sheriff's Deputies, 911 Dispatchers, Kabetogama Fire-Rescue, and the National Weather Service for coming together on this outstanding operation."

Officials say the woman was in a unique section of the park, and the country, where if she had gone further south, she would have actually ended up in Canada.