Rain brings relief, but doesn’t cure Minnesota drought

After coming to a standstill due to the drought, Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis was flowing again after a rain storm. (FOX 9)

Recent storms brought much-needed rain to drought-stricken Minnesota, which is making a noticeable difference in some places.

The drought brought Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis to a standstill on Monday. Thanks to much-needed rain Tuesday morning, the iconic waterfall was back.

"I’ve always said this: a drop of rain is a drop of rain," said Leonard. "And during a drought you need at least one drop if not more. Heading into this weekend we’re going to get some very useful rain."     

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard said the anticipated rainfall this weekend will help get water flowing through our state gems by filling up the waterways, allowing Minnesotans to get back to lake life activities. But he warns, don’t get comfortable just yet.   

"The rains this weekend are not a cure-all," said Leonard. "We’ve been in a drought for some nine weeks. You can’t just have a couple of days of rain and everything’s fixed. Doesn’t work like that, but it certainly helps."   

Looking ahead for the Minnesota State Fair, fairgoers may have to add a side of rain with those cheese curds this weekend. 

"I think the important thing here is to take one for the team. Know that heavy rain is coming, we desperately need it," said Leonard.  

Leonard says the best way to get through the weekend is to smile in the rain of course and don’t forget to pack your umbrella because it’s been a while.