Protesters gather in downtown Minneapolis after Peavey Park encampment cleared out

Protesters took to the streets outside the Hennepin County Government Center on Thursday, hours after park officials moved to clear out an encampment in Peavey Park.

According to the Minneapolis park board, the encampment was cleared Thursday after actions that were passed back in July regarding encampments at city parks.

Officials say notices to vacate the park, which was home to about 12 tents, were issued on August 10.

Protesters Thursday night gathered in downtown Minneapolis to oppose the action for several hours. At times, blocking traffic and moving objects to block light rail trains near the government center. Protesters eventually moved from the government center to the jail not far away. A small fire was also set in the roadway at one point.

Members of the rally said they were calling on officials to release individuals who were arrested earlier in the day at Peavey Park. The Hennepin County Sheriff says some of the people arrested have been set free but others are being held because they haven't cooperated with jail protocol.

Law enforcement officers staged nearby before protesters began to move away from the scene around 9 p.m. One witness told FOX 9 officers at one point fired rubber bullets at members of the crowd but FOX 9 crew did not see any interactions between police and protesters. The sheriff says they are prepared to make arrests if necessary.

Our crews estimate between 75 and 100 protesters took part in the rally.