Former Minnesota Mormon church leader convicted of sexual assault could face stiffer sentence

A judge is allowing prosecutors to move forward with a bid for a stiffer sentence for the man who, as a convicted sex offender, was able to become the leader of a Mormon church in southern Minnesota, before again being convicted of another sexual assault.

Michael Adam Davis, age 38, was convicted in May on two counts of criminal sexual conduct of a minor and a count of felony indecent exposure. Investigators say Davis assaulted the child in 2019.

Before that, Davis had been convicted in 2003 in Utah on counts of lewdness involving a child. In 2006, Davis pled guilty to two more changes in Utah for attempted forcible sexual abuse of a disabled woman. As a result, Davis is a lifetime sex offender registrant.

Despite that, Davis was able to move to Minnesota in 2012 and ultimately become the "Elders Quorum President" at a Mormon chapel in the small city of Kasson, Minnesota -- just west of Rochester.

Davis' sex offender status and abuse were exposed in February 2019 when he was pulled over by a Dodge County Sheriff's deputy who spotted a child in Davis' vehicle not wearing a seatbelt.

A check of Davis' identity uncovered his sex offender status. Speaking with the child, deputies say the boy, who knew Davis through the church, admitted to them, he had been sexually assaulted by Davis.

In the recent court ruling, the judge allowed prosecutors to move ahead with arguments for an upward departure from sentencing due to Davis' past convictions and because he poses a danger to the public.

Prosecutors and defense are required to submit their arguments on sentencing before the hearing on November 29.