Processing error causes issues for MN drivers with medical conditions

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A processing error caused issues for some Minnesota drivers with medical conditions such as diabetes.

Around 500 people had problems with their medical waivers because the forms were not being approved in time. Their licenses were being suspended or even canceled as a result.

One frustrated driver from Brainerd, Minn. told FOX 9 she was left with no choice but to drive on a suspended license.

“I have the letter that my doctor signed,” she said. “I have that with me and if I get stopped, I will be fighting it tooth and nail.”

A spokesperson with driver and vehicle services told FOX 9 the mix-up was a processing error where medical forms submitted in person were scanned in as a new case instead of being linked to an existing one.

This led to driver’s licenses being canceled if they were not reviewed in time.

The Department of Vehicles Services says all eligible drivers should have their licenses reinstated this week. It adds that the system has been updated to prevent the problem from happening again.