Police seek answers after mother of two is shot in the face

Shannon Daniels, a mother of two from St. Paul, who was shot in the face early Saturday morning says she doesn't have any enemies.

In the aftermath of the shooting both her and police are wondering who is responsible.

There are few clues thus far, but Daniels, says she did receive some threatening anonymous messages early Friday morning. Whether or not the messages and the shooting were related remains unanswered. Daniels believes she was just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"I didn't deserve this and I had nothing to do with what was going on," Daniels said.

It was about 2:30 am Saturday near the corner of North Hillside Ave and North Ilion Avenue that the bullets came through the back window of Daniels' car.

"They might've thought we were doing something wrong, I don't do stuff like that, I have kids I have to live for," Shannon said.

Daniels, who was a backseat passenger in the car at the time, was dropping off a friend after a trip to Mystic Lake Casino when they turned onto the block. Passengers tell Daniels they remember two men running towards the vehicle just as they pulled over.

"I'm just thinking maybe we just got in the crossfire of what was going on or they just thought we had something to do with it because of how we turned the corner."

A neighborhood camera may have captured the incident.

"This person shot her in the face, I feel that was personal, and maybe they feel they didn't finish their job what if they come back and try to finish it," said Daniels' sister Ebony Yarbrough.

"I want justice for my sister, but not just for her, I want justice for her kids because they could've lost her," Yarbrough continued.

Another of Daniels' sisters, Melissa Daniels, is upset about the shooting's lasting affects.

"Now my niece and nephew have to see this scar on their mom's face every day when they look at her," Daniels said. "This could happen to somebody else and somebody else could be living the same nightmare."

After the bullet grazed Daniels' face, it struck her friend in the back. A 26-year-old man she says was sitting next to her. He, too, is out of the hospital and recovering.

Minneapolis police say they're canvassing the area and interviewing possible witnesses. They declined to comment on the case. If you know who did this to Daniels please call police right away.

"If you don't want to tell the police, tell me and I'll tell them because whoever did this I most definitely want them to go down for it. There's no way they should be out here walking around when I'm walking around looking like this," said Daniels.