PODS storage problem creates moving woes for Minneapolis couple

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The appeal of PODS containers is they allow customers to pack for a move at their own pace. But a Minneapolis couple says PODS is taking its time delivering their belongings.

As newlyweds, Crystal Quinn and Loren Purcell are supposed to be starting their lives together. But even though they've moved into their new home in the Seward neighborhood, their furniture has not.

"At this point, it's really, really frustrating," Quinn said.

The couple rented a PODS container for their belongings and stored at at the company's storage center in Brooklyn Park back in February. But after they moved into their new house a couple of weeks ago, PODS said it couldn't deliver their container for a few weeks and wouldn't be able to pick the container blocking their driveway that belongs to the former homeowners - who moved to Oregon - until July as well.

"Because of this pod in our driveway, we can't move into our house. We can't get a moving crew here. We can't get a truck. We can't get our pod. So we have no furniture. We have nothing to live with," Quinn said.

The vice president of PODS operations says the Brooklyn Park storage center experienced a backlog because two of its eight trucks had mechanical problems and it was down a driver. The company official says PODS is bringing in two trucks and additional drivers from other markets to help remedy the situation.

But Quinn and Purcell say the best wedding present they could get would be their belongings where they belong.

"We want this pod gone. And we want our stuff. We want to move in and get into our garage and live in our new house," Quinn said.

That company official says Quinn and Purcell are now scheduled to get their container delivered and the one in their driveway taken away on Tuesday. He also says the couple will be reimbursed for an additional storage fees caused by the backup.