Philando Castile's neighbors react to verdict

On a beautiful summer day in the neighborhood where Philando Castile grew up, the reality of Officer Jeronimo Yanez' not guilty verdict was still setting in.

It was here in St. Paul's Selby-Dale neighborhood that Castile was arrested dozens of times as a young man, becoming quite familiar with the process. Police records from those days show he knew the drill and was always cooperative, much like he seemed to be almost a year ago with Yanez. 

In this part of town, it's called "the conversation." It's a lesson Dennis Bush has already tried to teach his son, Josh.

"[I told my son] do as officer says and don't be rebellious," Bush said, who currently lives in the area, said. "Don't provoke the officer and give him an excuse."

This is how many view police here, with residents joining in on protests around the area this weekend in the wake of the verdict. Some, however, were surprised by the demographics of the crowds, even going so far to say that many African-Americans may have been reluctant to protest. 

Bill Murray grew up in Selby-Dale and raised his two sons here, saying it's hard to imagine but one of them could just as easily have been Castile.

"It hurts, it hurts the community," Murray said. "Like i said I didn't know him. But it hurts like family."