Outside investigator looking into Shakopee Schools budget error

An outside investigator will be looking into the Shakopee Public Schools $4.5 million budget error.

At Monday night's school board meeting, School Board Chair Scott Swanson announced the district's attorneys will be entering an agreement with the consulting firm, NeuVest, to complete a third party investigation into the "organizational health of the district."

The school board first learned of the budget mistake in December, but officials waited until March to tell staff.

At a public forum, community members demanded answers, Teachers have also conveyed concern about how their jobs may be impacted.

Chairman Swanson read the below statement at the school board meeting:

"Recent events suggest that as an organization we should pause and look deeper into our system and operations. To facilitate this, an outside investigator will be meeting with employees to obtain greater insight into our organizational health. This will allow us to determine where we are and whether any changes should be made as we look to the future."