On the Map: Haunted history of First Avenue

With Halloween approaching, tales of paranormal activity are stirring up at some favorite Minneapolis spots. 

First Avenue in Minneapolis has had its fair share of paranormal sightings over the decades, but the Halloween season makes things just a little spookier. Employees, customers and even paranormal investigators say the site is very active with ghosts. 

In 1937, before legends like U2 and Prince played at First Avenue, it was a Greyhound bus depot. 

Legend has it that the venue is haunted by the ghost of a woman who took her own life in a bathroom stall after her lover, a World War II soldier, didn’t make it home. 

Some say they’ve heard her crying or screaming. Others report seeing her in a green army jacket dancing with other spirits. But all reports say she and her ghostly friends don’t have any legs. 

FOX 9’s Karen Scullin visited First Avenue to learn more about the ghostly encounters in this week’s "On the Map."