Mound senator's bill aims to save lives on Highway 12

A hearing was held Monday afternoon on a proposed law that could save lives on Highway 12. Between 2010 and 2014, there were 12 fatal crashes on a 38-mile stretch of Highway 12, with 16 people killed.

S.F. 2467, authored by Sen. Dave Osmek (R-Mound), would provide funding for a number of safety-improvement projects on Highway 12. The bill seeks $15 million for:

Realignment at the intersections with Hennepin County State-Aid Highway 92.

Realignment and safety improvements at the intersection with Hennepin County State-Aid Highway 90.

Safety median improvements from the interchange with Wayzata Boulevard in Wayzata to approximately one half mile east of the interchange with Hennepin County State-Aid Highway 6.

The Senate Transportation and Public Safety Budget Division heard arguments Monday afternoon from members of the Highway 12 Safety Coalition, including law enforcement, local officials, and families impacted by accidents. 

“It’s very unique how it changes over the course of 5 miles from a freeway to what’s known as a Super 2, to a rural road, all within Hennepin County, all with high traffic volume numbers on them.” Gary Kroells, West Hennepin Public Safety Director said last October.

In December, new signs along Highway 12 announced the '12 for 12' campaign, challenging drivers to go 12 months without a fatality. But already in 2016, there have been 2 fatal crashes on Highway 12.

The bill passed committee and will next be heard by the Finance Committee.