Minnesota State Fair now hiring for hundreds of positions

If you're looking for some extra cash this summer, the Minnesota State Fair is hiring.

The fair held a job fair on Wednesday in an effort to secure staff for our Great Minnesota Get-together.

Though the fair doesn’t start until Aug. 24, people lined up to apply weeks ahead of time. It takes thousands of people to pull off the annual festivities.

“I’ve got the time off from my regular job,” said teacher Tom Gretch. “I figured I might as well give this a shot.”

As it stands, there are 600 available jobs, and they all pay between $9.50 and $10 per hour to perform a number of duties throughout the grounds.

“There are tons of jobs available; they run the gamut,” said Danielle Dullinger with the Minnesota State Fair. “We have ticket-taking, ticket selling, sanitation, cooks, cashiers.”

The fair is also hiring for vendors including the Blue Barn restaurant, the Blue Moon and Northern Tool.

While some may have missed the opportunity for this job fair, they're going to be hiring almost all the way up until the fair starts.

“People always know the fair,” Dullinger said. “A lot of people take off from their real jobs, their full-time jobs, and they come spend the 12 days and come work for us. So, for some reason we happen to fill those jobs every year, it gets tougher, but they come back." 

Those interested in working at the fair are asked to register online at mnstatefair.org.