Minnesota now offering on-site incentives at COVID-19 vaccination clinics

The Minnesota Department of Health announced Thursday it will begin offering a new way for people to cash in on getting their COVID-19 vaccine.

Through nearly 50 COVID-19 community coordinators across the state, MDH will begin to offer on-site incentives at vaccine clinics.

When the incentive program was first offered, anyone who got vaccinated had to apply online to receive a $100 gift card. Under the new program, you can walk out the door with a $100 reward after vaccination.

The incentives will vary by clinic and location, with some locations offering $100 Visa gift cards, while others will give out Target gift cards, grocery store vouchers, or culturally-specific foods for vaccinations.

The state hopes the new program will help increase vaccination numbers, which have stagnated in recent months, going from more than 1.6 million doses administered in April to just over 100,000 doses in September--even though nearly a quarter of Minnesotans age 18 and older remain unvaccinated.

Previous incentive programs have proven to be successful for Minnesota, with 80,000 people signing up for gift cards between the original run of the program from July 30 and Aug. 22.

The program will receive $4 million from American Rescue Plan funds along with $400,000 raised by the Minnesota Council on Foundations.

Individual community coordinators will release information on incentives and clinics when offered.