Minnesota has 7th most affordable coffee prices in US

Starbucks is the leading coffee company is the United States. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Addicted to coffee and moving somewhere new? You’re in luck, new research has revealed the states where coffee is most affordable. 

The study by PriceListo analyzed average Starbucks prices compared with average earnings in each state. The study compares a typical order from Starbucks which includes one Frappuccino, one latte, and a juice.

Top 10 states with the cheapest coffee

  • Massachusetts has the most affordable order from Starbucks. Average hourly earnings in the state are $39.32. The average price of 15 staple coffee items is exactly $4. The price of a typical coffee order is $13.26. It would take 20.2 minutes of work for the average resident to earn their coffee order. 
  • Washington, where Starbucks originated, comes in second for most affordable coffee. A typical order is $13.58 and average hourly earnings in the state sit at $37.75. The average Washingtonian would have to work 21.6 minutes to earn their coffee order. The average cost of a staple item is $4.15. 
  • California comes in third. The average staple item cost is $4.46, and a typical order amounts to $14.27. With average hourly earnings of $37.44, the average person must work 22.9 minutes to get this typical order. 
  • Maryland is in fourth, a typical order here comes to $13.17 and the state average hourly earnings are $34.23. 
  • Virginia is the fifth state, with a typical order cost of $12.60 and average hourly earnings of $32.69. Residents of both states have to work approximately 23.1 minutes to earn their order. 
  • Connecticut is sixth, with a typical order being $13.37. Average hourly earnings of $34.58 mean that residents must work 23.14 minutes to earn this order 
  • Minnesota came in seventh in the study with a typical coffee costing $13.55. Average earnings in the state mean that it takes 23.5 minutes to earn this small treat. This typical order earning time is 14% shorter than the nationwide state average. Minnesota’s average hourly earnings of $34.58 helps to make coffee more affordable here, that average is more than four dollars above the national state average. 
  • Colorado is a close eighth, with a typical order costing $13.57, an average hourly earning of $34.47, and having to work 23.6 minutes to earn this order.
  • The final two states are Hawaii and New York. A typical order cost of $13.44 in Hawaii, with average hourly earnings of $33.59 makes for a working time of 24 minutes. New York's typical order cost is $14.47. Average hourly earnings of $35.82 means 24.2 minutes of work for this order. 

Toward the bottom of the list, states with the least affordable coffee prices when compared to the average wage are Mississippi, Oklahoma and New Mexico.  

A spokesperson from PriceListo commented on the findings: "It’s perhaps surprising just how much the prices from the largest coffee chain in the U.S. vary considering all these items are sold under the same brand. With this, residents of these states ought to feel fairly lucky, with the states at the other end of the spectrum spending a significantly higher portion of their income and working time to buy the exact same products."