Minnesota DNR firefighters deployed in Hawaii describe volcano destruction

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Two Minnesota DNR firefighters are among the responders deployed to Hawaii in the wake of a destructive volcanic eruption. While they have only been in Hawaii for a couple of days, they have already gotten an up-close look at the lava flows.

"The main fissure is active out of the 25 [fissures],” said Frenz. “It flows about eight miles to the ocean in an ever-changing canal. Sometimes, the sides will break down and flow in different directions. I was out there last night. It's amazing to see this stuff flow."

DNR firefighters Frenz and Ernie Schmitt have been deployed to the Big Island of Hawaii to help with emergency management operations for the volcano. Lava has been flowing from a fissure of the Kilauea volcano into residential neighborhoods for the last month destroying homes, cars and anything else in its path.

"So far, 600 homes have been claimed by the goddess Pele if you believe local lore, she's the fire god down there,” said Frenz. “I was up there. These homes are gone, flat - might be a metal piece left over. Trees are barren from the radiant heat. We were up to 200 yards from some of it and it’s amazing the radiant hear that comes off this stuff.”