As strain is felt on supply chain, Minnesota trucking companies struggle to find drivers

Shelves across the country have been a little more empty recently, as a supply chain crisis is slowing down deliveries across the country.

Wednesday President Joe Biden spoke to the country about the current crisis, announcing plans to expand hours at America’s largest port.

"The commitments being made today are a sign of major progress in moving goods from manufacturers, to a store, or to your front door," President Biden said.

But the next step in the process is behind the wheel, and the country faces a shortage of truck drivers.

"It’s unlike anything we’ve ever experienced," Old Dominion Freight Line Service Center manager Nate Cox told FOX 9. Cox spent Wednesday trying to entice people to hop on board at the company lot in Shoreview. It’s something they’ve never done before; a job fair with walk-in interviews and same-day hiring decisions.

"We’re looking to make contact with as many people as possible," Cox explained. "So far today we’ve had about 25 people come through."

They want to hire forklift operators and truck drivers, with the operators making about $64,000 a year, and pay for drivers ranging from $78,000 to $100,000 on average.

"It’s an aging workforce so the challenge for us is to get new life and new blood into the industry," Cox said. "We’re on a 70% acceptance rate [today], so far so good [with] turn out.

Cox doesn’t see the driver shortage going away anytime soon. But for now, the focus is on keeping up, with a looming surge in demand around the corner. "Without the correct amount of warehouse employees and drivers there’s no way that product will be on the shelf in time for the holiday season," he finished.

Interested applicants can visit to learn more.