Minneapolis mother left without home after car crashes into house

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Just a few days before Christmas, Kamesha Davenport is without a home after a car crashed into her house. Officials later posted a sign on her door, condemning the building. 

“Just to come home and see your house like this – ya know – nobody expect that,” said Davenport.

A crash between two vehicles Wednesday afternoon at Penn Avenue North and 42nd Avenue North sent one car careening into the corner of Davenport's home.

Drywall and wood now litters the floor of the home she shares with her two-year-old daughter, Ka'Monee. Furniture is broken along with the television. Davenport, who is also three months pregnant, says it’s been an overwhelming ordeal.

“I was just about to buy a tree tomorrow and get my baby presents, so it’s like really hard,” she said. “It’s like beating me down because I just made a year at my job December 18 and I was just like celebrating everything.”

Davenport actually had just been promoted at her job. This would have marked the first Christmas at her Penn Avenue home. Now, it’s just chaos, with nowhere to go and so much unknown.  

“Everybody just keep asking me, ‘Did you do this? Did you do that’ - like how could I?” she said. “Can’t even get my mind straight on what I’m gonna eat right now.”

Davenport is trying to come up with some sort of plan, but what was to be the best Christmas ever was stolen in seconds by what police call a careless, reckless driver.

“Being here was like - my house - I felt stable,” she said. “It was my security. Now, that’s gone.”

The Victory Neighborhood Association is trying to help. Councilman Phillipe Cunningham also stopped by to offer his assistance. For GoFundMe information, click here.