Minneapolis man takes 40-year sentence in apartment complex murder

A Minneapolis man has accepted a 40-year prison sentence for gunning down another man outside an apartment complex last year.

Dajohn Yarborough agreed to plead guilty on Tuesday for the slaying in April 2022 of Darrell Lamont Sims II.  Police say Yarborough shot Sims as he was standing outside an apartment complex near 24th Street and Elliot Avenue South. Yarborough was reportedly carrying a gun with what appeared to be an extended magazine.

The victim was shot in the chest but ran away, only to collapse in the backyard of a nearby residence. Police said Yarborough continued to fire shots, even as the victims ran.

Yarborough was captured on security footage and subsequently identified by informants as the gunman. He wasn't arrested until more than a year after the shooting.

The shooting came less than a year after Yarborough was released from prison on a drugs and weapon case. He was a fugitive at the time of the shooting, wanted after absconded from his supervised release.