Minneapolis man goes to work at Everett's Food Market on 90th birthday

A Minneapolis man is proving that age isn’t stopping him from doing what he loves.

Jack Pflepsen is the owner of Everett’s Food Market and Thursday he celebrated his 90th birthday.

Pflepsen bought the market back in 1956 and since, he’s rarely missed a day of work.

He says a lot has changed since he first started and he loves coming to work every day with coworkers that have become like family to him.

At least one of his employees is family as his daughter now manages the store.

“Every ten years changes,” he said. “It’s much easier today. We don’t have the heavy quarters of beef anymore like we did years ago.”

“That just takes a special person,” said Nancy Klatke, his daughter. “He just has a drive in him and all of us always say, ‘How does dad do that?’ and we say, ‘I don’t know.’ He’s 90 years old. How many 90-year-old guys go to work every day? I think it’s great.”