Minneapolis leaders to vote Wednesday on relocating homeless encampment

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Minneapolis leaders are expected to vote Wednesday on plans to relocate a homeless encampment near Hiawatha and Cedar avenues.

There are many decisions to be made, including how to manage the transition. But, the biggest decision city leaders will vote on is where the encampment should be moved to. 

A city council committee was in favor of relocating the camp to a vacant lot near 26th Street and Minnehaha Avenue. But, the idea was widely opposed

Residents living near the proposed site are concerned about its proximity to two schools and those living in the camp say they do not want to move. That prompted last week's vote to be delayed so new plans could be considered. 

The city has proposed three different locations. Officials have also proposed hiring project managers to operate a “navigation center” for the homeless to help oversee the transition and to control admissions, offer case management and provide security.  

City council members are expected to vote on the proposal at Wednesday’s meeting with the goal of getting the site ready by the end of October.