Memorabilia stolen from Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub returned after plea

Photo credit: Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub

UPDATE: The memorabilia was returned to Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub early Wednesday evening.

Authorities and staff at Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub are reaching out to the suspect who stole junior hockey memorabilia from the St. Paul bar on April 13.

According to a manager at the bar, Tom Reid's has "very clear video" of three people - two men and one woman - coming in last Friday at 8:31 p.m. and stealing a framed collection of World Junior Tournament pins off of the wall.

The bar community took to Facebook, writing, "We've got you putting the collection under your No. 11 jersey and walking out, as well as video of you walking into our pub. We have a zero tolerance for this behavior. The video has been turned over to the St. Paul Police and will be posted here for all of your friends, family and your employer to see. Do yourself a favor and bring it back to Tom this afternoon. You're in trouble as it is, but you might be in less if you return the memorabilia this afternoon."