Meet 'Matka,' MN State Capitol's first bomb-sniffing K-9

The Minnesota State Patrol is stepping up security at the State Capitol -- and they have a new trooper sniffing out crime.

Matka, a Hungarian Vizsla, is the State Patrol’s only explosive detecting K-9 to be assigned to the State Capitol area. Matka is trained to sniff out bombs and sit at attention when she discovers a scent.

“Any time we get a call on an unattended bag or something like that, Matka will be there to check it out and make sure it’s not a concern for us,” Capt. Eric Roeske said.

There have been no specific threats at the Capitol, but the State Patrol and lawmakers wanted to find non-obstructive ways to increase safety.

“Though many capitols around the country have metal detectors and all sorts of other barriers for people coming into the capitol, we decided here in Minnesota that we don’t want that kind of, number one, we don’t think we need that kind of security every single day,” Lt. Gov. Tina Smith said Wednesday.

Part of the reason why Matka got the job is because this breed of dog is known for being super-friendly and good in large crowds. If you come to the Capitol and see Matka, you will be able to pet her, but not if she is actively working.