Medtronic shipping 300 ventilators per week, will increase to 1,000 by end of June

Medtronic has open sourced the design of these ventilators to help combat the COVID-19 crisis. (Medtronic/Facebook / Facebook)

Medtronic said it is now producing 300 ventilators per week but that number will soon increase as the company ramps up production in the face of a global pandemic.

By the end of June, the company hopes to increase its weekly production to 1,000 ventilators.

Ventilators are in high demand in the United States as well as globally as governments respond to the spread of COVID-19.

According to Minnesota leaders, they expect to peak at some point in the coming weeks and the state will see 6,000 deaths from COVID-19.

In addition to the ramped up production, Medtronic is also sharing its design specifications for one of its ventilators, with hopes to bring in others to help with the rapid production of the breathing devices.

The company said Wednesday a number of other manufacturers have participated in the endeavor and Medtronic said it has made great progress with Baylis Medical Company, Foxconn, and Vingroup Joint Stock Company to increase global production.