Mayor: No city-sponsored 4th of July fireworks in St. Paul this year

There will be no city-sponsored fireworks display in St. Paul, Minnesota on the Fourth of July this year, Mayor Melvin Carter announced Wednesday. 

The annual fireworks display traditionally takes place at Harriet Island Park and can be seen throughout most of downtown St. Paul. Carter said his decision to cut the fireworks was financially motivated. 

"As we think about our priorities as a city--from programming our rec centers to filling pot holes and fixing our streets and providing world class libraries for people--it's not something i can justify prioritizing to the tune of $100,000," Carter said Wednesday.

Before the city funded the annual display, 4th of July fireworks were put on by the Taste of Minnesota, which received private donations. It wasn't until after it folded that the city began holding a smaller display at CHS Field. 

In lieu of a fireworks display, Carter emphasized other events and celebrations taking place in St. Paul on and around the Independence Day, including the 71st annual Fourth of July parade that goes along Como Avenue and ends at Langford Park. 

Still, some fear that shying away from events like this could bear an even greater cost to the community.

"Things like that draw people into the city and create a buzz and create a certain flair and atmosphere," said Brent Green, who lives in Lowertown. "Without that we could experience a downturn in that sense of intrigue for the city."