'Maxi Pad Bandit' Caught On Camera Breaking In Store

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We've often seen crooks use all sorts of things to hide their faces during crimes but a man in San Bernardino County is really getting creative with his disguise. Investigators say he taped Maxi Pads on his face in an attempt to hide his identity. 

Unfortunately for the man, his caper, both before, during and after the break was all caught on security camera. Even the few minutes prior to the break in and maxi pad mask, Victor was caught full face exposed standing outside the closed Apple Valley Battery Mart store.

According to an article on vvdailypress.com, deputies with the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department later identified the 'masked' man as 51 year old Gary Victor. They say he was all over the security footage, breaking through the door with a piece of wood, ransacking the store, and when they later served a warrant on his home they found him in possession of all the stolen items. 

At this time Victor has bonded out of jail.