Maple Grove construction frustrates drivers in Dayton development

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A big construction project in the northwest Twin Cities metro has people in both Dayton and Maple Grove upset.

Residents of the Rush Creek development say they’re stuck with just one way in and out.

Cones, barricades and concrete medians line Rush Creek Parkway in bordering Dayton and Maple Grove as complaints about the road closure have been flooding in.

Dayton residents say they’re now caught in the middle of the Territorial Road closure to allow for utility and street construction, but the Maple Grove City Administrator says the closure is all about safety.

“We believe the volume of traffic, and the speed and the truck traffic creates a public safety risk for that area given the closures in Dayton,” said Heidi Nelson, the Maple Grove City Administrator.

Derrick Banks also lives in Dayton, and he says the closure has added 15 minutes to his commute. He added that using the intersection is like the game Frogger.

“It’s bad,” he said. “It’s really bad.”

The daunting detour leads Banks from the still-open Dayton side of Territorial Road to busy County Road 81.

“It’s like Russian Roulette,” he said. “I’ve sat there for 10, 15 minutes waiting in line to get out.”

Keith McIlveen, another Dayton resident, is challenging Maple Grove city leaders to do what he does every day.

“Put your little kids in the back seat and try to go eastbound on [County Road] 81 at 4:30/5 p.m.,” he said. “Good luck.”

While city officials insist taking another route is safer, the quickest way out of Dayton is a gamble.