Man kicked by former Minneapolis cop suing for $4 million in damages

A man is suing the City of Minneapolis and a former Minneapolis Police officer for $4 million in damages after getting kicked in the head by an officer during an arrest.

On Thursday, Mohamed Osman filed a lawsuit in Hennepin County Court against Christopher Reiter and the City of Minneapolis to pay damages on counts of excessive force, battery, and failing to correct an alleged pattern of illegal use of force.

According to the lawsuit, last May, Reiter was one of the officers who responded to a domestic assault investigation. Police were told Osman was the suspect.

When the other officers appeared to have Osman on his knees under control, surveillance video showed Reiter kick Osman in the face.

According to the lawsuit, the force of the kick knocked Osman unconscious as he hit the pavement face first.

He spent three days in Hennepin County Medical Center, receiving treatment for traumatic brain injuries, a broken nose and broken teeth.

Osman says he still gets "excruciating headaches" has mouth pain, sensitivity to light, depression and PTSD.

Statement from Reiter's attorney:

"The alleged incident occurred while Officer Reiter was on duty, therefore by law the city of Minneapolis is obligated to defend him in the civil matter."

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