Man completes mission to mow lawns in all 50 states

The man who made a commitment to mow lawns for people in need in all 50 states completed his mission Tuesday. 

Rodney Smith Jr. has spent the last two months traveling the country cutting the grass for the elderly, the disabled, single moms and veterans—free of charge. He stopped in Minnesota last week, mowing the lawn of a cancer survivor and several others. 

After Minnesota, he headed to Alaska and Hawaii—the final two states on his list. 

Smith started putting miles on his mower in 2015 after seeing an elderly man struggling near his home in Alabama. The first small act of kindness led to a nonprofit, Raising Men Lawn Care Service, that encourages children to help people in need by mowing lawns for free. 

Nationwide, more than 200 kids are taking part in his 50 Yard Challenge, where kids are awarded with different color t-shirts with the more lawns they mow. Once complete, Smith meets the young volunteers and presents them with a new lawnmower. 

Smith’s mission does not end now that he has visited all 50 states. Eventually, he wants to see chapters of Raising Men Lawn Care open up all over the country.