Teen charged with attempted murder for shooting at Monticello compost site

A teen has been charged with attempted murder after a man was found shot at a compost site at a park in Monticello, Minnesota this week.

Dillon Tilbury, age 18, is charged with attempted murder and first-degree assault for the shooting at Montissippi Park on Monday.

Deputies responded around 8:30 p.m. on Monday for the shooting at the compost site off West River Street at the park. At the scene, they found the victim, a 44-year-old man, covered in blood and two gunshot wounds: one to his chest and one to his neck.

The victim was having trouble breathing and needed oxygen. He was rushed to North Memorial Hospital for treatment. According to the charges, he remains in critical condition at the hospital.

Witnesses at the scene told deputies they had been with the victim and Tilbury when they got into a fight. According to the charges, during the fight, witnesses said Tilbury pulled a gun and fired shots. The witnesses told deputies Tilbury had run from the scene.

Deputies say they found Tilbury hiding in a garage in a nearby neighborhood, hiding in the trunk of a vehicle. Inside the garage, investigators also found a 9mm pistol. A 9mm bullet was also found at the compost site, the charges state.

Tilbury appeared in court on the charges on Thursday. He is expected to return to court on January 31.