Lori Vallow murder trial day 14: Idaho police detective, FBI continues to testify

The trial for Lori Vallow, the so-called "Doomsday mom," continues in Idaho on April 24.

Monday marks the fourth week of the murder trial, and a detective for the Idaho Police Department returned to the stand.

More than 25 witnesses have already testified for the prosecution.

Evidence showed us how technical this investigation is as we’re learning how many phone numbers and devices Lori Vallow used, according to investigators.

Rexburg Police Det. David Stubbs returned to the stand, telling the jury that 20 electronic search warrants were served in connection to Lori, resulting in a "mass amount of data" and a warrant led to a bill for Vallow’s account associated to 18 phones.

When Vallow refused to cooperate with law enforcement and show that her missing kids JJ and Tylee were safe, Rexburg PD tracked her down in Kauai in January 2020. Officers seized ten devices from her rental car.

In June 2020, authorities finally found JJ and Tylee’s bodies on the property owned by Vallow’s husband Chad Daybell.

Internet search records show Lori shopping for wedding rings just months before Chad’s then-wife Tammy died.

Stubbs said just a few days after her death, Lori's account searched for wedding dresses in Kauai, where Lori and Chad married in November 2019.

The husband and wife are accused of conspiring in Tammy's murder.

Other witnesses came from the FBI, detailing Lori, her late brother Alex Cox and Chad going through many burner phones with several numbers.

An FBI agent discussed how cell towers work because we know Alex Cox’s device pinged in the Daybell backyard the days following the last sightings of JJ and Tylee, ultimately leading investigators to their remains.

The trial is being held four hours away from Fremont County, where the bodies of her kids, J.J. and Tylee were found. The judge on the case decided in order to find a fair and impartial jury, the trial venue should be moved to Boise in Ada County, the largest county in Idaho with about 25% of the state’s population living there.

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