Lake Harriet bandshell repairs begin, completion expected in 2024

A second phase of construction on the Lake Harriet bandshell in Minneapolis is set to begin, according to an announcement from the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB).

The roof of both the bandshell and neighboring concession buildings will be replaced in separate phases that will take nearly a month each.

According to MPRB, First, the bandshell roof will be replaced, then the city will move to the roofs of neighboring buildings. Work is expected to be complete by late fall, weather permitting.

As part of its first phase, bandshell windows were updated, bathrooms were remodeled, electrical systems were upgraded, and sidewalls were painted blue in early spring and summer.

Through complete renovations that are expected to continue throughout 2024, entertainment and concessions planned in the bandshell are expected to continue as normal.