King's Bar & Grill, amateur baseball an iconic summer pairing in Miesville

The Miesville city limit sign pegs the small Minnesota town's population at just 125 people—not necessarily a far cry from the 136 the Mayor insists it's grown to over the past few years.

But despite its size, this small hamlet just off Highway 61 has a big heart, at the center of which sits a bar and grill that boasts more than 100 named burgers featuring everything from apple slices to eggs to peanut butter and most everything in between. King's Bar & Grill Owner Terri Lawrence says it's the people that make the restaurant and the area such a special place, with many driving from miles around to experience its small-town charm.

It also helps to have a high-profile neighbor like Jack Ruhr Stadium, the home of local amateur baseball team the Miesville Mudhens. Jack Ruhr was the longtime bartender at King's and dedicated his life to the team's success before passing away, building the team into the pride and joy of the town.

The team routinely dominates their league and often steers business to King's before, after and even sometimes during games.

“It’s a great time," Lawrence said. "They’ll come down here, go to bathroom, grab some cheese curds and go back to the game. It’s beautiful.”

That friendly atmosphere is why she moved to Miesville in the first place years ago, and what she says keeps people coming back year after year.

“I love this town," she said. "I moved down here when I was 18 and I've been here a long time. I love the area. It’s a great town. It’s nice and clean. People are nice.”