Jury continues deliberations in trial of Officer Jeronimo Yanez

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The jury resuested to see several pieces of evidence Tuesday morning in a written statement.

The court announced that jurors had not reached a verdict in the trial of St. Anthony, Minn., Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez, closing out the second day of deliberations after asking to review several pieces of evidence throughout the day.

Yanez is on trial for the shooting of Philando Castile during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights last July, garnering national attention when Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, streamed the aftermath of the fatal incident on Facebook Live.

Upon request, both Yanez' dashcam video and Diamond Reynolds' Facebook Live broadcast were replayed for the jury Tuesday.

The jury also asked to review both the transcript of Yanez's dashcam video and his interview with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, but the judge denied both requests. 

Monday night Castile's mother, Valerie Castile, streamed a seven-minute Facebook live video asking for solidarity in the wake of the jury's eventual verdict.

“We’re not just by ourselves," she said. "We are a community and we need to let people know that we’re still here."

Throughout the video, she said she "hopes and prays" that the 12 Minnesotans who hold Yanez' fate in their hands sees the incident through the same lens she does.

"This is not about Philando, this is about humanity," she said. "This nation has been accosted with police brutality."


Below are the profiles of each potential juror, with identifying personal information removed from the record. Three of these potential jurors have been dismissed and are not currently deliberating. 

JUROR POOL NO. 1 – Young black male 

  • Fast food restaurant manager who recently graduated from high school. 
  • Didn’t hear much about the case, but he seems to recall that Diamond Reynolds is a minor.
  • Believes sometimes the powerful can get off in the legal system because they are able to hire better attorneys.
  • Gets lots of info from the internet, but even as a millennial believes he can put his curiosity aside and not do that during trial.
  • Has been following the storylines across the country of black men being shot by police, but tells the court he can put his feelings aside and be an impartial juror.

JUROR POOL NO. 2 – Older white female

  • Works as a manager at a gas station and says she hadn't heard a word about the case until now.
  • She served on a jury four or five years ago in a domestic assault trial.
  • In an interesting twist, she told the court she hadn’t posted anything in favor of or against law enforcement, but prosecutors produced three of her Facebook posts from November where she shared posts supportive of law enforcement. She claims she had forgotten about them and didn’t think of the posts as pro-police. Because of this, prosecutors tried to get her dismissed for cause–but the judge denied the motion.
  • Reported that she has African-American and Mexican friends.

JUROR POOL NO. 5 – 54-year-old white male

  • This potential juror has a wife who works in St. Paul Public Schools' Food Service department, but neither of them knew Philando Castile. In fact, he said they barely talked about the name after the shooting.
  • He also lives close to the shooting scene and owns several guns.
  • During questioning he recalled Diamond Reynolds going on a “rant,” and said he didn’t understand why Yanez had to fire so many shots.
  • Has family in law enforcement.

JUROR POOL NO. 6 – Older white male

  • He is a driver for a transportation company who sees serving on a jury as his civic duty.
  • Has a DUI on his record. He was pulled over for speeding after a party and cited.
  • Reports a one-time best friend, now dead, who was African-American.

JUROR POOL NO. 8 – Older white female.

  • Employed as a nurse, she absolutely loves watching Judge Judy (“She doesn’t fool around!”), but knows real-life courtroom is far different.
  • Reports a high regard for law enforcement and remembers hearing about the case last July, but not many details.
  • She said her husband was carjacked at gunpoint years ago, but doesn’t think that will cause her any problems as a juror.

JUROR POOL NO. 11 – White male around 50 years old

  • Works for a healthcare company and has a master's degree.
  • He believes the justice system is overburdened by victimless crimes, including prostitution and drugs.
  • Originally from Colorado, where marijuana is legal, he said he doesn’t find pot to be a big deal.
  • Despite moving to Minnesota more than five years ago, he reports no prior knowledge of the case.

JUROR POOL NO. 16 – White female around 40 years old

  • As a nurse, she said she got into the field to help people. Apparently Yanez' wife works in the same building as she does but they don't know each other.
  • She is a domestic assault victim and said she was disappointed in the way police handled her situation.
  • She remembers seeing the Facebook live stream video but told the court, “I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened [and there are] two sides to every story.”
  • She was at the hospital on the night of the I-94 protest and remembers ambulances not being able to get through with patients.

JUROR POOL NO. 17 – 18-year-old black female

  • An Ethiopian immigrant taking classes at an area community college, she came to America when she was 10 years old. She is an American citizen through her father, who is also an citizen.
  • She speaks English well, but knows very little about the American criminal justice system.
  • The defense went after her particularly hard for her lack of knowledge and understanding, with a motion made to dismiss her. The judge denied that request.

JUROR POOL NO. 18 – White female around 35 years old

  • Works in computer support and is not familiar with the case at all.
  • She has a DUI on her record but said she believes she can be a fair and impartial juror.

JUROR POOL NO. 19 – Older white male

  • He's lived in St. Paul his entire life and has been married for 44 years to a Mexican woman--he says he doesn't see race as an issue.
  • Served on juries in the 1970s and was convicted of a DUI seven years ago.
  • Knows a moderate amount about the case and remembered during questioning that Castile had a gun permit. Also recalls how calm Diamond Reynolds was while shooting the video.
  • He told authorities that the long week of jury questioning was frustrating, but said he won’t hold that against either side.
  • A hunter who has experience with firearms, he does own a handgun.

JUROR POOL NO. 21 – White male around 50 years old

  • As a construction worker he's postponed his jury duty three separate times, only to end up on this case.
  • He has a family member being prosecuted in another county right now and believes the prosecutors there to be wrong, but also says he can put aside those feelings for this case.
  • Recently witnessed a drive-by shooting in his neighborhood.
  • He remembers seeing the Facebook video and that Yanez was upset.
  • Owns several guns.

JUROR POOL NO. 23 – White male around 40 years old

  • Works in the heating and air conditioning field and has lived abroad before. He's originally from Texas.
  • He had a beer bottle smashed across his face as a high schooler and the assault case went to trial, but he remembers good experiences with police.
  • His girlfriend is Hispanic and they have child together, he says he has no issues with race.
  • Listens to NPR regularly and reports he heard about the case there.

JUROR POOL NO. 29 – White male around 40 years old

  • Works in the state’s sex offender program, but not directly with patients. He has also worked security jobs.
  • He knows about the case but has no strong opinions either way.

JUROR POOL NO. 30 – Older white female.

  • Special education teacher who was the victim of childhood molestation.
  • She learned a lot about the Yanez case from watching the news and wondered about how Diamond Reynolds had the presence of mind to shoot video of the aftermath.
  • She also heard Reynolds was recently arrested, but says she can put prior knowledge of the case aside to be a fair and impartial juror.

JUROR POOL NO. 31 – White male

  • A designer and UW-Stout alumnus.
  • Arrested a couple times for marijuana violations, but says he doesn’t blame anyone but himself.

Philando Castile shooting: The trial of Officer Jeronimo Yanez

DAY 1: Squad video played, opening statements

DAY 2: Diamond Reynolds and Yanez's partner testify

DAY 3: Use of force experts testify

DAY 4: Prosecution rests, police chief takes the stand

DAY 5: Officer Yanez takes stand, defense rests

DAY 6: Closing arguments, jury begins deliberations