Judge bars 3 Black Lives Matter leaders from protesting at Mall of America

A judge issued a decision Tuesday in regards to the Black Lives Matter protest planned for Wednesday at the Mall of America. The mall wanted a temporary restraining order -- the order changes a few things, but leaves the basics intact.

STORY- Judge considers restraining order against BLM organizers

The Mall of America, considered private property under the law, can still bar anyone from protesting there Wednesday, which has been true all along and doesn't change.

What does change is three Black Lives Matter leaders are being told in advance that they’re barred from protesting there Wednesday through a "temporary restraining order."  The judge did not bar all unidentified Black Lives Matter protesters in advance.

The mall has the legal right to bar protesters when and if they do protest there on Wednesday. This order does not grant anyone permission to protest.

In another ruling on last year's protest, Hennepin County's chief judge pointed out that mall security and police allowed the protest to continue for about thirty minutes before cracking down.  And that's why he dismissed some charges. So, much more important than the legal document released Tuesday, will be how the mall and police act at Wednesday’s protest.