Jewish American leaders react to Israel support

Jewish people across America are watching the events unfold in Israel and trying to understand how life was turned upside down in a matter of days.

"They've shot close to 10,000 rockets throughout the country, reaching as far as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the center of the country, and that is debilitating, forcing people to stay indoors and close to shelter and preventing people from going to school or going to work," said Rabbi Josh Weinberg, the vice president for Israel and Reform Zionism at the Union for Reform Judaism.

Weinberg has lectured throughout Israel and the U.S. The University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate said when he's not at work, he's texting his sister and friends in Israel.

"I don't even know what the right word is to use anymore. We're asking that people are physically safe. But no one is ‘OK,’ right now," he said.

He appreciates the U.S. government's response so far, as U.S. officials sent a message to Hezbollah warning the Lebanese militant group to stay out of the conflict. Weinberg is making it clear that he feels the war is against the terrorist organization Hamas, not against Palestinian people.

"I'm also in favor of Palestinian rights and I think that's an important message to send that this is a fight against brutality, against inhumanity, and against terrorists that commit mass murder," Weinberg said.

As Jewish Americans have been gathering to express their solidarity with Israel, Jewish leaders urge them to take precautions amid concerns that antisemitism could increase. They're encouraged by people springing into action, ready to help Israel.