Hopeful politicians seek input at Minnesota State Fair

Those seeking office say the Minnesota State Fair is a unique opportunity to meet with voters from all over the state.

And with a lot of heated races on the ballot this November, making those connections is more important than ever.

Amidst all the attractions and tantalizing foods are politicians hard at work to win your vote.

“For me it’s what I want to see Minnesota look like,” said Rep. Tim Walz, a DFL candidate for Governor. “The sense of people coming from all parts of the state.”

Walz met with voters at the DFL booth all while sporting his finest fair socks Saturday. 

For Walz, these face-to-face moments are invaluable.

“I see these folks lined up and waiting...they could be lined up for cookies that are really good, but they’re waiting to talk about their future, and that’s really for me and I’ll just stay here and talk to them,” Walz said.

At the GOP booth, this marks the second year of candidate panels.

Saturday, candidates for the 1st, 7th and 8th congressional districts shared their views on the issues.

“This year is even more important because their constituents or who would become their constituents from their districts, can come listen to them, can come interact with them,” said Jennifer Carnahan, GOP Chairperson.

Carnahan said foot traffic and merchandise sales are up at the GOP booth.

“Our booth this year has been insane with traffic flow,” she said. “I have been astounded at how many people are coming in the booth. It’s all people that are energized by Republicans and say to us, “Oh I have my Trump bumper sticker on my car.”

As the campaign trail heats up, party leaders hope the high energy here at the fair translates to big numbers at the polls in November.

Both the DFL and GOP have a lot planned at their booths for the rest of the days at the fair, with more candidates scheduled to stop by.