High school junior running for school board position

Many students spent their spring break trying to relax, but one Eden Prairie, Minnesota teenager spent it on the campaign trail. Hayden Bunn is running for the school board at Eagle Ridge Academy in Minnetonka, where he’s a junior.

“I’ve actually been campaigning and going door to door, making phone calls to see what they want to see happen at the school,” Bunn said. “I honestly thought I couldn't run, but then I looked into it and saw it's possible.”

The school’s board has 11 members, and slots for parents, teachers and community members. Bunn is running as a community member, because there are no slots for students. Bunn hopes his campaign changes that.

“I acknowledge I'm not going to be a student forever at this school, I would like have something in place to have a student member to take my seat or to always have a student member on this board to help offer advice,” he said.

The K-12 school moved from Eden Prairie last year as a result of growth. It now has more than 1,200 students.

“Growth has been the big issue that I've heard people talking about is how do we preserve the small school feel we had for some many years, while also expanding,” Bunn said.

Bunn says transportation is also a hot issue as the school draws students from across the metro.

Other school district like St. Paul Public Schools have student representatives, but they aren't allowed to vote.

The election is already underway and is open to those to the families of faculty, staff and students.  Voting ends on the April 24 and the results will be announced at the annual board meeting on the April 25.