Help the DNR reach 2021 reforest goals, earn cash by gathering tree seeds

If you are hoping to help the state’s forests and make a few dollars while doing it, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has an offer for you.

The DNR is offering cash for seeds of various native trees to help re-forest public lands, specifically black spruce cones in northern Minnesota, which will land you $85 a bushel.

Mike Reinikainen, the Silviculture Program Coordinator with the DNR, says the cones can be collected in the northern section of the state

"Basically draw a line from Sandstone," Reinikainen says.

Even with the ground covered in snow, the cones are ripe and will be ready for seeding in the spring.

Reinikainen says about an ounce of black spruce seed spread by helicopter in the spring will yield around 800 trees per acre.

If you’re interested in collecting some cones this winter, a list of collections and drop-off locations can be found here.