Guide to throwing a Hollywood awards party

It's that time of year where Hollywood is throwing their award parties, from the SAG Awards, Golden Globes, People's Choice to the Oscar's. Here are some fun ideas to make your party that much more fun and exciting.

Party City has a ton of 'golden-inspired' things that are sure to make your guests feel A-List.

Golden Dinnerware, Flatware and Napkins will make your guests feel fancy. I simply glittered canning jars to create the vessels to hold the flatware. The star-inspired platter is perfect for elevating the ordinary!

Blinking faux-diamond rings are a fun way if you can't afford Harry Winston

Golden and Movie-Themed Balloons filled with helium and finished off with curly ribbons look festive hung around the room or allowed to float on the ceiling.

Golden lanterns hung create a glamorous look, even set in groups on tables or the floor look amazing.

The Director's Clapboard can double as a prop on the table or used as a smaller platter to hold cheese.

Golden Star Award can be used as table decor or a grand prize if games are played at your party.

Astoria Wines are an affordable luxury beverage to offer at your gathering. All deliciously bubbly, from the sweet Moscato and Pink Moscato to their delicious Prosecco - the regular Moscato and Prosecco also come in mini bottles which are wonderful served up full in a bucket of ice with golden straws for guests to sip.