Good Karma Animal Rescue brings services south of Houston

Good Karma Animal Rescue of Minnesota thought the rescue team was heading to Houston. But while on their way, they realized the real need was farther south than that.

The weight of the work ahead overwhelming, with Hurricane Harvey ripping buildings and even families apart. In some cases, dogs were left behind, their families left with no choice.

“They’re struggling just to take care of themselves. I’m positive almost all of them think they’re doing the right thing by surrendering their pets so that they have a chance at getting a better home than they can provide right now,” said Lisa Booth of Good Karma Animal Rescue.

Good Karma has traveled from Minnesota, past Houston and deep into the Lonestar State, to the places like Victoria and Rockport.

“These communities aren’t getting that help,” Booth said. “They’re kinda forgotten, and so the situation down here with the animals is so much different.”

So, Good Karma is bringing back animals who really need help. Some are sick, possibly from dirty floodwater, and can get the medical care they need back here. One little dog, Star, is likely suffering from mange and a secondary skin infection.

Other dogs heading our way are healthy, but still on the verge of death. In this part of the state, the shelters are small with little room. If they’re not claimed in about 10 days, the animals could be euthanized.

“They’re trying to hold them as long as they can to see if anyone reunites with them, but it’s a bad situation in Victoria,” Booth said.

All the animals are checked by a vet so they’re safe to travel, first to their foster family then hopefully their forever home here in Minnesota

“It’s been an emotional day, but I have no question that we’re doing good work and we’re making a difference,” Booth said.

Booth said she’s been asked to send a crew to Florida and that they’ll likely head there eventually. But, for now, there’s still a lot of work to complete in Texas.

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