Good Friday, great weather: Minnesotans bask in spring sun

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Minnesotans used any excuse to get outside Friday. 

The only thing that kept people inside for a moment, was a treat like ice cream. Lines were long all day at Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream Café.

“Nothing better than ice cream on a warm day,” said Madison Keefe, of Sebastian Joe’s.

Others ditched their responsibilities and chose the sun instead.

“I was supposed to go to some meetings and decided not to and he has a flight in like two hours, so I decided to take my friends canoe out and paddle around for a few hours,” said Peter Levine.

The Levine brothers were doing a little bonding out on the water in the season’s first canoe trip.

“It was good,” he said. “I thought there might be some ice or something, but there was nothing.”

As signs of winter disappear, so do all the layers.

“It’s even better in the sun,” said Jennifer Hook, a walker. “We walk every day, so this is nice. Nice not to have all the boots, coats and mittens and snow pants on.”

Those in front of the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis are giving thanks for the spring sunshine, especially on Good Friday.

“To catch Good Friday at a beautiful Basilica like this…I’ve been here before, but the boys haven’t. It’s important for us to do that and to see our family later makes it the perfect day,” said Matt Jennings, who attended a Good Friday service.

On a day like Friday, some warm sun and flowers in bloom, put spring into perspective.

“It’s just refreshing isn’t it,” he said. “It’s so nice to have the sun shine on us and looking forward on the green and flowers and being outside again.”

The nice weather is expected to stick around. Those who talked to FOX 9 today say their weekend plans include anything outdoors.