Girl becomes mayor for the day in Waldorf, Minnesota

In a town in Waseca County with a population just over 200 people, an 11-year-old girl was mayor for the day.

"If you want to take over my job, Lilly, it’s all open," Waldorf Mayor Rob Wilkening told her Monday. "I’m ready for you to take over my job any time."

With that said, in Mayor Wilkening place at the city council meeting, the keys to the city were in the hands of Lilly Sorbo.

"I’ll watch and help you; you’re not going to do this alone," Mayor Wilkening said.

Sorbo is just 11 years old, but she’s already overcome a lifetime of adversity.

"She has Spina bifida," Lilly’s mother Melissa Sorbo explained. "She needs special equipment because she can’t walk far, she can’t run as well, she uses a wheelchair [and] crutches."

Born with a bubble on the bottom of her back, Lilly has displaced hips and is unable to move her ankles and feet.

"She’s had multiple surgeries on her feet and her legs," Melissa added.

Before becoming mayor of her town, she wrote a letter to Mayor Wilkening, making sure she was up for the task. "How much power does the mayor have? Can you tell the town stop drinking water or only drink orange juice?" Mayor Wilkening read from the letter.

Now she’s tackling those tough questions head on, and she’s the first person in Waldorf ever to be chosen as mayor for the day.

"I want her to know that no matter any situation in life, if you can dream it, you can do it," Mayor Wilkening said.