Georgia boy grows hair out to make wig for friend

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A young northeast Georgia boy spent the past two years growing an amazing gift for his long-distance friend in Florida.

Tyler Boone walked into a mall in Brandon, Florida with his friend Gabby Ruiz. The two had their pictures professionally taken right before the big moment at a nearby salon. The long locks of hair seemingly cascaded over the shoulders of the 10-year-old boy who was posed in Boy Scout uniform with 12-year-old Gabby.

For nearly 24 months, Tyler had been growing out his hair to be just over 12-inches long to give to Gabby to make into a wig. The young girl was diagnosed with alopecia areata, which affects her ability to grow her own hair.

“I've kind of gotten used to it,” said Tyler as he posed with Gabby.

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Tyler said he was teased, taunted and mistaken for girl as he continued to grow his hair out, but in the end, Tyler admitted it was well worth it.

“I’m cutting my hair so I can give it to gabby. So, I just want to make her happy,” said Tyler.

“it’s cool,” Gabby said about Tyler’s gift.

Gabby had gone through a myriad of treatments to spur hair growth, but none of them had worked, which got Tyler thinking about how he could help his friend.

“He’s a great person and it's amazing,” said Gabby.

“I feel so different,” Tyler said after his hair was cut off.

Now, with his mission complete, Tyler can think about his next hair style.

“If the spike doesn't work, I’m going to buzz-cut it,” said Tyler.

The hair was donated to Children with Hair Loss, a non-profit group, who has offered to make Gabby's wig.

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