George Floyd's uncle: 'People need to see our face' at Chauvin trial

Selwyn Jones, George Floyd’s uncle, may live several hundred miles away in South Dakota, but he is keeping close tabs on the criminal justice system in relation to his nephew’s deadly arrest.

Jones was disgusted when he saw Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer whose knee to the back of Floyd’s neck sparked global outrage, make bail and be allowed to live outside Minnesota while awaiting a murder trial.

"Me being a Black man, I’ve seen a lot of things happening in this world and one thing I’ve never seen is somebody get out on bond and leave the state they were in, especially with the charges he has against him," said Jones.

As for the latest courthouse drama, Jones believes there should be a single trial, with all four defendants. Currently, Chauvin is set to be tried alone, while the other three officers will have their trial later in the summer.

"They committed the crime together, why not be tried together?" he said.

He’s not sure what will happen with the state’s efforts to get the case rejoined and moved to the summer because of public health worries around COVID-19.

"If you are an intelligent adult, you would obviously have COVID concerns," said Jones.

Mike Bryant, a local criminal defense attorney not connected to the Floyd proceedings, told FOX 9 he anticipates the state’s Court of Appeals will quickly schedule oral arguments on the matter with Chauvin’s current March 8 trial date fast approaching.

"There’s going to be all sorts of twists and turns in this thing. When they’re actually going to stand in front of a jury, who knows?" said Bryant.

George Floyd’s uncle told FOX 9 he doesn’t think a trial in this case will happen for months, but promised he and his family will be there every single day to make sure justice is done.

"People need to see our face," said Jones.