Garland ISD girl who suffered asthma attack faces punishment

A girl suffering an asthma attack who accepted an inhaler from another girl faces one month in alternative school.

FOX4 first reported on Wednesday about the sanctions the girl who had the inhaler received from Garland school officials. It turns out both girls now face the same penalty of up to 30 days in an alternative school.

Alexis Kyle, 13, faces the sanctions for using her classmate’s inhaler. Indiyah Rush, also in 7th grade- offered it to her in gym class Tuesday at Schrade Middle school after seeing her struggle to breathe.

“I'm getting in trouble, but the thing is, she's getting in trouble too. She tried to help me,” Kyle said.

Alexis said she had no idea she was breaking a rule by accepting the inhaler. Both Alexis and Indiyah are A-B honor roll students. Alexis also is on the step team and in theater.

The district said 30 days at alternative school is the initial automatic punishment for sharing a controlled substance, including prescription drugs like inhalers, until the principal can meet with both girls and their parents.

“The little girl saved her life. And the reason we say that because we have been to situations where she has been to ICU so we know how bad her asthma is,” said Michael Green, Alexis' Step-father.

Alexis, her mother and step-father pled their case to school administrators on Thursday.

“Now we are just floating, just waiting,” Green said. “We just want her back in school, that simple.”

Indiyah's hearing is scheduled for Friday.

The district said the principal will then weigh all the facts and make a decision about alternative school. The two girls could get a range of days at the alternative campus – from none to 30.