Funeral homes offer virtual services during COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus has changed every aspect of our lives. It has even changed the way we mourn the loss of a loved one.

All the CDC guidelines that are in place are to keep us safe, unfortunately, mean staying apart even if your loved one has passed away. However, many funeral homes have a virtual option to keep families together during a difficult time.

Live streaming a ceremony for the dead isn’t a new concept, but the coronavirus pandemic has pushed people like Joe Morales, of Morales Funeral Home to get their systems running. He leads FOX 26 into his main viewing room. 

“This is where our webcasting station is now. The camera is tucked into the back of that nook over there. So you know it will have a view of your loved one and the person speaking," he says.

So you’ll be able to see the ceremony from your computer or smartphone and pay your respects.

According to CDC guidelines, only 10 family members are allowed inside. Many families having to do this in shifts, but for those who can’t travel, or are in self-isolation this option is the next best thing.

“To honor our mother, and to have other people have access to her farewell was the right thing to do,” said Trinidad Rivera, who decided this was the best option when her mother Maria’s funeral was held last week at Morales Funeral Home.

She felt that sending the link out to family and friends unable to attend was a proper farewell.

“I don’t think it’s a disrespect for the dead. I think it’s a farewell and I think it’s a great resource, and I think it’s a great opportunity to bring so many other people into that experience," she said.

Like a traditional funeral, families have the option to make the live streams public or private and will have a link to share with others. If you are planning a funeral, speak with the director about how you can make this service suit your needs.

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