Here are all the movies coming to Tubi in July

Need something new to watch this month? Tubi has you covered. The free streaming platform is celebrating summer movie season in a big way this July with classics like "Jaws" and "The Matrix" (and the franchises that followed both blockbusters). There’s also the "Divergent" series, along with summer comedies and blockbusters like "The Sandlot"and "Hulk." Plus Tubi is debuting four new original features that touch on everything from aliens to penguins to BMX glory. 

So whether you want to get haunted by "Insidious," fall in love with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in "Sleepless in Seattle"or box with Jake Gyllenhaal in "Southpaw," there’s something for everyone on Tubi. Check out a preview of Tubi’s four new originals below and then find a full list of new arrivals, broken down by genre. 

Tubi Originals

Aliens, Abductions and UFOS: Roswell at 75 (streaming July 6): "What does our government really know about "unidentified aerial phenomena?" On the 75th anniversary of the alleged UFO crash outside of Roswell, New Mexico, comes the Tubi two-hour documentary special "Aliens, Abductions and UFOS: Roswell at 75." We’ll explore why Americans first became obsessed with little green men, the truth behind the notoriously secret Area 51, and proof of alien existence, guided by first-person interviews from the eyewitnesses, abductees and scientific experts leading the exploration today – all to make you believe: we are not alone."

Eradication (streaming July 15): "When an unknown disease wipes out most of the world’s population, a man with unique blood is isolated for study. Fearing for his wife’s safety, he breaks his quarantine - into a world overrun by monstrous Infected and a shadowy agency hunting them down."

Love and Penguins (streaming July 20): ""Love and Penguins" follows Tilly Monterey, a manager for a non-profit animal rights organization, who travels to Australia to assist a penguin sanctuary in dire need of financial assistance. Working alongside Fletcher Grant, the compassionate head zoologist Tilly learns that once you open your heart and stretch your wings, you may just find the one you want to waddle through life with."

Riding with Sugar (streaming July 29): "A young refugee embarks on a quest for BMX glory and the pursuit of identity, safety, happiness and love."

See the complete roster of Tubi Originals.


SPOTLIGHT: Milla Jovovich kicks butt six times over across the entire live action "Resident Evil" series.

"Conan the Barbarian" (1982)
"Live by the Night" 
"Resident Evil"
"Resident Evil: Afterlife 
"Resident Evil: Apocalypse"
"Resident Evil: Damnation"
"Resident Evil: Extinction"
"Resident Evil: Retribution"
"Resident Evil: The Final Chapter"
"Safe House" 
"The Perfect Storm" 

More action, streaming free on Tubi.

Black Cinema

SPOTLIGHT: The late, great Michael Clarke Duncan earned an Oscar nomination for his supporting turn in "The Green Mile."

"Gridiron Gang" (2006)
"Money Train" 
"The Green Mile"
"The Longshots" 
"The Perfect Match" 

More Black cinema, streaming free on Tubi.


SPOTLIGHT: Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover in "Kindergarten Cop," while Sandra Bullock does the same in "Miss Congeniality."

"A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III" - starting 7/12
"Barely Lethal" - starting 7/26
"Hall Pass" 
"Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay" 
"Kindergarten Cop" 
"Miss Congeniality" 
"The 40 Year Old Virgin" - starting 7/10
"The Sandlot" 
"Scary Movie 5" 
"Smokin’ Aces"

More comedy, streaming free on Tubi.


SPOTLIGHT: Charlie Plummer stars in the sensitive horse drama "Lean on Pete" (streaming July 5), while Brie Larsonwon an Oscar for her work in "Room" (streaming July 19).

"Casualties of War" 
"City by the Sea"
"Ginger & Rosa" - starting 7/12
"Gimme Shelter" 
"Lean on Pete" - starting 7/5
"Locke" - starting 7/12
"Mississippi Grind" - starting 7/26
"Remember" - starting 7/26
"Room" - starting 7/19
"The Aderall Diaries" - starting 7/12
"The End of the Tour" - starting 7/26
"The Jacket" 
"The Night Clerk" 
"The Rover" - starting 7/19
"The Sixth Sense" 

More drama, streaming free on Tubi. 


SPOTLIGHT: The A24 documentary "Amy" shines a light on the life of Amy Winehouse (streaming July 26).

More documentaries, streaming free on Tubi. 


SPOTLIGHT: A modern day urban legend comes to life in "Slender Man."

"Bride of Chucky"
"Child’s Play 2"
"Child’s Play 3"
"Cult of Chucky" 
"Damien - Omen II"
"Exorcist II: The Heretic" 
"Land of the Dead" 
"My Soul to Take" 
"The Omen"
"Tusk" - starting 7/19
"Seed of Chucky"
"Slender Man" 

More horror, streaming free on Tubi.

Kids & Family

SPOTLIGHT: "The Indian in the Cupboard" offers peak 1990s family fantasy.

"Daddy Day Camp" 
"Rock Dog" 
"The Indian in the Cupboard"

More kids and family entertainment, streaming free on Tubi.


SPOTLIGHT: George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez have smoking hot chemistry in "Out of Sight," as do Ryan Goslingand Emma Stone in "Crazy, Stupid, Love."

"Along Came Polly"
"And So It Goes"
"Crazy, Stupid, Love"
"How to Talk to Girls at Parties" - starting 7/24
"Just Friends" 
"Laggies" - starting 7/19
"Love, Actually" 
"Out of Sight" (1998) 
"Obvious Child" - starting 7/19
"Practical Magic" 
"Sleepless in Seattle" 
"The 40-Year-Old Virgin" - starting 7/10
"The Lucky One" 
"The Spectacular Now" - starting 7/12
"Three Can Play That Game" 
"Two Can Play That Game" 
"When in Rome"

More romance, streaming free on Tubi. 

Sci-Fi & Thriller

SPOTLIGHT: Yes, "The Matrix" is a sci-fi masterpiece, but its unfairly maligned sequels "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions" deserve a second look too.

"A Most Violent Year" - starting 7/19
"Child’s Play 2" 
"Dark Places" - starting 7/26
"The Divergent Series: The Allegiant"
"The Divergent Series: The Insurgent" 
"Enemy" - starting 7/12
"Ex Machina" - starting 7/26
"I Still See You" - starting 7/11
"Invasion of the Body Snatchers"
"Jaws" - starting 7/16
"Jaws 2" - starting 7/16
"Jaws 3-D" - starting 7/16
"Jaws: The Revenge" - starting 7/16
"John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars" 
"Land of the Dead"
"Live by Night" 
"Mojave" - starting 7/26
"No Good Deed" 
"Revenge of the Green Dragons" - starting 7/19
"The Captive" - starting 7/19
"The Matrix" 
"The Matrix Reloaded" 
"The Matrix Revolutions"
"The Corruptor" 
"Under the Skin" - starting 7/12
"Son of a Gun" - starting 7/19

More sci-fi & thriller titles, streaming free on Tubi.


SPOTLIGHT: Jeff Bridges revisits the last days of legendary lawman Wild Bill Hickok in "Wild Bill." 

"Death Rides a Horse" 
"For a Few Dollars More" 
"Slow West" -starting 7/26
"The Claim" 
"The Missouri Breaks" 
"Vera Cruz" 
"Wild Bill" 

More Westerns, streaming free on Tubi.

Kickstart your Tubi binge with "The Freak Brothers"

The Freak Brothers (2021): Smoke 'em if you got 'em! Pete Davidson, Woody Harrelson and John Goodman lead the voice cast of this adult animated stoner comedy based on Gilbert Shelton’s cult classic comic, "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers." The series follows three 1960s hippie stoners who smoke a magical strain of weed, only to fall into a 50-year slumber and wake up in the 2020s. While time (and weed culture) may have changed, the Freak Brothers are just as mellow as ever. "The Freak Brothers" is a Tubi Original. Rated TV-MA. One season, 8 episodes. Also featuring the voices of Tiffany Haddish, La La Anthony, Adam Devine, Blake Anderson.

The first season of "The Freak Brothers" is streaming for free on Tubiget the app

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